R2T:11 The Hidden Secrets of Sales & Marketing

Part 1- Sales & Marketing doesn’t start with Sales & Marketing

In this podcast episode Erica will go through a 3 step process that will hep you maximize your time, money and energy. Followed up with part 2 and how to align your psychology with your plans.

No matter where you are in your business lifecycle or how big your budget is or isn’t, if you are in business and you have not looked at these points in your sales and marketing you could be throwing away thousands of dollars. I’ve personally watched companies who are just getting started, to companies who have been in business for 30+ years, lose more money and waste a lot of time in areas that they shouldn’t.

I hope this podcast offers you value and insight. My passion is to teach you the small distinctions that will make you and your business priceless changes.

Listen to Part 2– The Winning Psychology For Your Sales & Marketing Plan

For Today: Be Real, Go Raw & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others