R2T:67 If Death Came Knocking

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Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.
 – Henry David Thoreau

I’ve often wondered if we lived each day like we didn’t know tomorrow would come, what would we do differently?

Recently, I was at a training where we were asked if death came knocking and we negotiated 1wk to 1 yr to live, what would we do. I’ve done similar exercises, I have a bucket list, and as I mentioned, I’ve often thought about how I would live differently if I didn’t know tomorrow would come. Only this time it was different for me.

I chose to look at it this exercise not as an opportunity to write out what I would do before I died, but instead to look at it from the perspective of why it would take death to come knocking for me to live so abundantly, all of the time. I also realized I had too few things on my bucket list and I was only focused on accomplishing, and on ‘big things’…. What about the love, the passion and the adventure I can choose to have each day, small simple pleasures? What am I waiting for, and why is anything more important?

Is it possible to live at such a level? For me now, that level means excitement, joy, passion, love, & contribution. What would it be for you?

Come with us today and create a life that you can live today, that is created from all of your buckets list accomplishments, emotions and desires!


For Today; Be Real, Go Raw, & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others


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