R2T:66 Move Forward By Letting Go

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TODAY we present part two of our empowering Two-Part Series “Moving Past Hurt – The Power of Letting it Go”  This is where we gain clarity on what “Letting it Go” really means. Letting it go does not mean giving up. It means deciding on what is TRUE, what you will FOCUS on and what you are going to DO and then setting yourself FREE from the rest.  It is the ultimate way to take responsibility for your life!
Holding on to a person or situation that is painful and keeping them in “blame” keeps you STUCK in that situation and in constant pain.  Putting the focus on the OTHER person or situation and how they “wronged” you or how it was the situation’s “fault”  only brings in more of that kind of negativity. This is the principle of the “Law of Attraction.”  “The Law of Attraction”  basically means that we are responsible for bringing in the positive and negative influences into our lives. So, if your focus is fear, regret, blame, anger that is just what you will keep attracting into your life. 
The anecdote to this pattern is to come into the TRUTH of who you are, what your responsibilities are in your life, forgiving yourself and others and LETTING THE REST GO! This is how you will stop the disempowering pattern of seeking conditions and people to find your worth and you will discover what TRUE FREEDOM is! 
Listen to Part 1; ” The Blame Game”
For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others

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