R2T:65 How To Step Into Your True Power


This week we are so excited to be bringing you a powerful Two-Part Series entitled “Move Forward By Letting Go”. Today we present Part One – ‘The Blame Game” First, let’s shine the light on what blame is, why we do it and how to move out of it and into action. 

Blame is assigning a responsibility, a fault or a wrong to person or a situation. In blaming, we are trying to get out of bad feelings of not feeling good enough, worthy enough and to feel like we have somehow taken our control back. Thinking things like “he did this to me,”  “she made me feel this way,” or “they made me do it”  may even allow us to be the victim and to not have to take any responsibility in what happened. 
But…..there is no real power in blaming. There is no real happiness in blaming. In fact, it may even lead to feeling helpless over your own life which is the ultimate pain. So, how can we step out of blame and into the source of our REAL power?  It happens through taking a good long look in the mirror, taking responsibility for what you own in it first and then creating a plan for what you are going to DO about it. 
For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others

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