R2T:60 Orgasmic Meditation, The OM Attraction

Relationships – OM Part 2

The allure of OM, Orgasmic Meditation, is indescribable-people really want to know more once they hear the initial aspects of OM.

After we launched our interview with OM Expert Eli Block, we received so many inquiries and questions about what OM is, and if it’s for them. There was also an unspoken energy that the women were hoping it would be an answer to.

So, we decided to record another show answering your questions, and to also have an in-depth discussion of what our thoughts are on OM.

Is it because it is about sex, something taboo that we are not “supposed” to talk about as women? What is the allure? Why are women searching and seeking this out right now- more than ever before?

In this candid and educational podcast we take a dive deeper into all of various components of OM and answer these questions and more!

“We need to cut into each other to wake up and OM is the cutting in” – Nicole Daedone

Click to listen to the first OM episode and our interview with Expert, ELi Block: The One Taste Of OM 

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