R2T:59 What Women Want

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It’s the time of year that men and women search for gifts to buy, or places to go, in order to show their love and affection for each other. All the while, what women really want may not be something easy to say, or something that (most) men truly understand.

Men, What women want is YOU. Your Gift Of Masculine Presence.

“A woman is always going to be more energetically powerful than you. She’s always going to be more emotionally powerful than you. And, she’s more sexually powerful than you. Period. Forever.
She’ll be a tornado sometimes.
She’ll be a hurricane sometimes.
A flood. A fire. She’s Nature herself.
You can run from that (and become lost).
You can try to control her (unsuccessfully).
You can be rigid about it (and be broken).
Or you can stand in your absolute masculine presence and do your best to serve her heart. There will be some times that you will distinctly see how you are serving her and the rest of the time… she will be trusting you – she will be growing in the trust of your depth.
You have a gift to give your woman – and she wants to recieve it. Feel the truth of that.
Stay in the depth of your gift and your truth even while she is in the truth of her feminine nature. She will burn, flow, rain, shine, storm – and through all of it, she just wants to experience your presence.

The gift you receive is the opportunity to face death – death of Ego and a window to LIFE and PLEASURE and TRUTH… But ONLY – if you remain present.”

~ David Deida ~ Author, “Way Of The Superior Man”

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