R2T:77 Barbie Gets A Makeover

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She has been the icon of American Beauty for over 50 years. Yes, it’s Barbie and she is getting a long overdue makeover!  Mattel is finally taking action after countless Barbie protests and realizing the potential harm for young girls to attain the unrealistic body ideal that Barbie represents. That demand for change has been reflected in plummeting sales which has basically forced Mattel to create empowering alternatives for girls including now offering different sizes of Barbie in Petite, Medium and Tall as well as a variety of skin tones and hair textures. 
Beauty ideals have evolved dramatically since the introduction of Barbie over 50 years ago. Back then the ideal for women was to have blonde hair, blue eyes, six foot legs and a 16” waist. The American idea of beauty now includes all different shapes and sizes even celebrating more curvaceous bodies like Kim Kardashian’s and Beyonce’s as well as different ethnicities around the world. 
We at Real Raw Truths are excited to see Mattel getting on board with the evolution of what is considered desirable and beautiful as well in making a more realistic Barbie for girls everywhere to enjoy! 
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