R2T:68 Breaking Bad Love Habits

Ever wonder why the SAME thing keeps happening in your relationships? Are you reliving the same scene over and over again? How can you stop the madness?
According to Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of “Calling in the One,” the answer to this question lies within us and beginning to see ourselves as “sources of our own experience.” 
The willingness to take responsibility in our love lives is where true empowerment begins. This is not about blaming the other person or blaming ourselves.  It is about looking at our beliefs about love and finding bad habits in our love lives that we keep repeating. Once we discover what those are, we need to take 100% responsibility for them. 
The next step is to get “complete” with your past. This includes clearing old unresolved resentments with anyone we believed has betrayed us and about letting go of old agreements with ourselves such as “I’ll never find anyone like that again.” 
The next piece is to transform your love identity and core beliefs meaning get clear on the beliefs you have about yourself, your worthiness to love and to be loved and your desirability. There may be thoughts rolling around in your mind such as “I am alone, invaluable and unwanted,” or “Men always disappoint me.” If these sorts of thoughts are not brought up so that they can be healed, then they may be forming blocks to creating a loving relationship that lasts. By identifying any limiting or painful thoughts, we can then shift them and step back into who we really are in love. 
Finally, create the vision you want for your relationship and love life. Write it out and connect with it. This is how you will begin to become the man or woman you need to be in order to attract and manifest what you want. 
By going through these steps, you will be able to identify your bad love habits and break them. Join us TODAY and learn more!
For Today; Be Real, Go Raw, & Truthful To Yourself & To Others