R2T:74 How To Know If You Are Ready To Start Your Own Business

When To Make The Entrepreneurial Leap

The definition of an entrepreneur is: “a person who starts a business and is willing to risk (financial) loss in order to make money”

Bottom line first:

The truth is only you know if you are ready. We know, great answer,  Hear us on this….

This show explores the true meaning of what being an entrepreneur is, the make up needed to thrive, the comparison trap, and the tips not easy to find on google because they come from us. We give you our first hand knowledge and suggestions after working with hundreds of people who ask us everyday and either do, or don’t, take the plunge.

The formula for an entrepreneur; Entrepreneur + Capital = Products + Customers = Business.

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw, & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others