R2T:86 Building A Winning Team

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Every business leader needs to be surrounded by a winning team and a winning culture in order to be successful. Easy to create, right? Well, not exactly. It’s just like how a coach takes strategy, skill and focus to know what kind of players work well together on the field and how to harness their individual strengths into a collective force.

Where do you begin? It begins with knowing what you stand for in your values. And by implementing them into everything you do every day and instilling them into your team with clear communication and repetition.

It’s also about creating the culture within your business that your community is your “team” where everyone shares common goals and understands how their role affects the success of business mission.

Building trust is also essential to the success of your business leadership. It has been proven that lack of internal trust directly cause speed to go down and costs to go up which, in turn, directly affects profitability. Winning teams hold the values of honesty, reliability and integrity which are the building blocks of trust.

Goal setting and clearly defining the path to success are vital for a win in business. The team members need to know both short term and long term goals are for the team. There needs to be short term goals to keep up engagement and long term goals to increase achievement. All goals need to come with a level of accountability through performance measurement and learning from mistakes.

Finally, a winning team is built not only on setting goals and pushing for performance. It’s about inspiration from you, the leader, to constantly raise the bar higher and show what is possible. Most importantly, remember to celebrate you and your teams achievements!

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw, & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others


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