R2T:98 Are You A Doormat?

We were all taught that to be kind and that doing for others is a good thing. I mean, heck, it could even be considered a virtuous thing that could earn you some points with the “Big Guy” upstairs.

So, when does it become too much of a good thing and cross into what you know is NOT good for you? How do you know when you have crossed over the line from being a nice person to being a pushover or even into being a DOORMAT??

It’s about boundaries. It’s about getting clear on where you stop and start and where another person stops and starts. When you have never set healthy boundaries for yourself or even understand what that means then it is very difficult to know when someone has crossed into your boundaries. It also makes it very difficult to know when you have crossed over your own boundaries and said “yes” when you mean “no” or didn’t stand up for yourself or speak up in a situation. Or maybe even doing something that you know was not good for you or what you really wanted thinking it would earn love and approval from someone else. This challenge shows up in the workplace, in families and even in intimate relationships…especially in intimate relationships.
So, how do you rise above and build the muscle to stand up for yourself and listen to your OWN voice? It begins with self-awareness, being honest in the moment and speaking  your own truth. It’s about keeping the conversation open and flowing about who you are and what you want and understanding that boundary setting can be done in a loving way and does not have to be done in anger. In fact, it is actually a beautiful expression of love and respect for yourself and for others.
Come with us TODAY and begin your journey back to self-love, self-approval and self-respect…a journey back to knowing who you really are and what you stand for and a full-circle moment back to YOU loving YOU.

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others