R2T:105 De Clutter Your Life

Transformations in life are all about making changes that last.

When you want to add more into your life of what you want such as calm and serenity, you must get rid of what’s in your life that is getting in the way first.

Where do you even begin?

It begins with de-cluttering your life both physically and mentally. Start with sorting out the mess in your living space which means to get rid of the items that are taking up space and energy in your living environment.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up” by Marie Kondo is a great guide to help you through the process. Marie’s method is based on the theory that if the things that you own do not “spark joy” then it is time to thank it for its service and get rid of it. Then, the remaining items that do bring you joy are to be displayed so that they are easily visible and easily accessible. It is only then, Marie says, that you have reached the “nirvana” of housekeeping.

You will find that de-cluttering your physical space the “KonMarie” way will payoff in many areas. You will be surrounded by only the things that you love, identify what is really missing from your wardrobe, you will treat your things with respect and also find that decision-making will become a lot easier in all areas of your life.

Join us today for an episode that we guarantee leaves you with the desire to simplify and let go!

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw, & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others