R2T:122 From Crazy Busy To Crazy Productive

“OMG I am so CRAZY BUSY!” How often to you hear someone use that phrase? Is it not enough to be just plain busy anymore? What does it really mean anyway?
Basically, it’s a phrase used to describe the feeling jumping from thing to thing to the point of actually going crazy. But how PRODUCTIVE is it really? You are expending all of this energy toward something, but is the return on your investment of time, energy and focus really paying off?

Culturally, the busier you look the more valued and important your work must be. But, is that even true? How about accomplishing through working consistently and persistently until the job is accomplished.

How can we work smarter and not harder and without being more stressed out than ever?

Through Edward M. Hallowell’s book “Driven to Distraction,” he describes simple and easy ways to turn crazy busy into crazy productive.

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