R2T:123 Resourcing Your Resourcefulness

Some skills you can be taught in school and some are just innately part of who you are, right? Well, not always. Being a “resourceful” person is one of those traits that you can be born with, and at the same time, can also be cultivated and made stronger with some key strategies.

What’s so great about being resourceful, you ask? Well, it’s one of, if not THE most useful core character strength anyone can have. Being resourceful means that when you have something that you want to achieve, do or create, that you may not always have a smooth and clear path to get you from here to there. Being resourceful means that you have an “out of the box” thinking mentality that can create opportunities and visualize all the possible ways that you can get something done so that if one thing does not work, you have other ways of getting the result you want.

So, how does one become more resourceful? The first thing to keep an open mind. Self-confidence is also a necessary component to being resourceful. Knowing that no matter what, you will figure out a way and make it happen brings about a solution based mindset that can solve problems and accomplish goals. This confidence also allows your mind to open up and to a newer level of creativity and imagination to create something new. Being proactive and persistent are also hallmarks of resourcefulness.

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