R2T:129 You Loving You- Part 2

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And the journey continues as we dive deeper into healthy self-love and how it translates into healthy relationships and even how it keeps you from engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

In regard to self-love and how that factors into loving relationships basically is that in order to have a thriving and growing love with someone else, you must first have a thriving and growing love for yourself. So, just love yourself and you’ll have a loving relationship. The End. Well…not so fast and not so easy. Keep reading.

So, here’s the deal. If you do NOT have a solid sense of yourself and a solid love for yourself (including the parts you may not like so much), you will seek outside yourself to find love and may end up abandoning your own power, your own healthy boundaries and your own sanity in the hopes of someone else giving it to you.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we all do not need or should want a loving partnership and experience with someone else. Not at all. This means that in order to have it be real, authentic and based in a mutual love, we have to start with loving ourselves first.

Living in a solid state of self-love will also keep you from falling prey to unhealthy behaviors such as eating disorders, addictions and participating in emotionally unhealthy relationships. The is because that with a healthy self-love comes self-confidence, self-awareness, self-approval and many more empowering emotions. Those that live in empowered states of emotion tend not to engage in unhealthy behaviors and unhealthy relationships.

Come with us TODAY and learn more about ways to love yourself more, value yourself more and take care of yourself in every way. You are valuable and you matter.

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