R2T:139 Relating & Validating

Validation. What does that really mean anyway? Is it acknowledgement? Or approval? Or maybe it’s about agreeing with someone?

Actually, it is really about acceptance and allowing someone else to be who they are, have their own opinions, their own feelings and to support them even when you have a differing opinion. It’s a foundational piece in strong relationships with other people and with yourself.

Is it possible to validate your own thoughts, feelings and actions? Absolutely! And it is a necessary component to a solid sense of self and wellbeing. It is being present for yourself, acknowledging your personal experience and sitting with the way you feel rather than “numbing out” or running away from it through distractions. It’s about not making yourself wrong for strong emotions and working through them in a healthy way.

Keeping present and mindful in a nonjudgmental way is the first step in self-validation and a key component to allowing other people the freedom to be who they are and not trying to change them.

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