R2T:132 Trust Your Gut

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Most of us have had to make big decisions in our lifetime. Stay in your so-so job or quit? Invest in that “too good to be true” venture or opt out? Continue in an unfulfilling relationship or cut your losses and move on? Each of these decisions presents the same dilemma. Do we do what is safer and more sure or the thing that creates some fear, makes us uncomfortable but could lead to something better? Arrgghhh!!!

So, how do you navigate these tough decisions and feel grounded in the process? The first step is mindfulness and being self-aware. This means tuning into your body not just thinking your way to a decision. This integration of body and mind is where the real truth of what you should do resides. So many of us tend to make decisions whether personal or in business from a cognitive perspective when the real answer lies within our core.

Notice how your body talks to you when you consider your options. Maybe your stomach rumbles or tightens up with one of them. Maybe you will feel tightness in your lower back or in your solar plexus with another. Or maybe you feel a sense of assuredness that THIS option is the right path for you. These are physiologic messages from your body and are crucial to you living what’s true for you.

Tapping into your intuition is a skill we are all born with and with some focused attention can be your most powerful guide.

Come with us TODAY for “Trust Your Gut” and learn how to effectively utilize it in your life.

Join us!

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others!

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