R2T:141 The False Self

Congruency vs In- Congruency

What does it really mean to be congruent? It basically means that you are who you say you are. Or the person you lead others to believe you are is who you are is, in fact, who you are.

With the heated political campaign going on in our country, congruency and “walking your talk” is at the forefront of so many ad campaigns as well as the focal point of many political news and talk shows. Is he who he says he is and is she really the way she portrays herself to be has become an obsession in our country!

But, let’s bring this a little closer to home. Have you ever projected a “false” self or pretended to be something you are not? How did that make you feel? Being incongruent, the opposite of congruent is putting on the mask for others or people pleasing and being something you are not to win the favor or affection of others. This may feel exciting in the moment, but will ultimately lead to a feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

So, how do you know when you are being incongruent? Would you or anyone else really know when you are projecting a “false” self? If you know you are being incongruent, what can you do to pull yourself back into congruency and authenticity? What do you do when someone else you are in a relationship with is incongruent, knows they are doing it and keeps doing it??

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