R2T:143 Relationship Red Flags

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Healthy relationships require attention, care and nurturing to thrive, especially intimate relationships. So, how do you know when your relationship just needs a little more TLC or whether you are being shown that this is not a good relationship for you?

First and foremost you have got to get to know yourself in every possible way BEFORE moving into that committed relationship. Many times people search for a partner without this knowledge and then do not know themselves well enough to know the signs when a relationship is not working. Or maybe they do know the signs but do not have the interpersonal skill set and confidence in themselves to end the relationship and move on.

Think about your past relationships and ask yourself what attracted you to that person? Did your attraction last? Was your fantasy about this person imagined or true in reality? How long did this relationship last? What was the deal breaker? Do any patterns or similarities from relationship to relationship emerge? Asking these kinds of questions at the beginning of the relationship gives you a realistic set of expectations and the clear mind to spot any “Red Flags” that may need to be questioned.

So, what are some of the “Red Flags?” Here is a short list of a few things to watch for that could indicate trouble further down the line.

1. Lack of Communication – Does this person find it difficult to talk about issues or express how they feel?

2. Irresponsible, Immature or Unpredictable Behavior – Do they have trouble with basic life skills? Taking care of themselves? Managing their finances? Holding a job??

3. Significant Family and Friends do not like Your Partner – This sort of criticism may not be welcome, but at least hear outside perspectives from the people that know you well.

4. Controlling Behavior – Does this person try to control where you go or who you are with? Do they make you choose them over others?

5. Feeling Insecure in the Relationship – Do you not know where you stand in the relationship? Do you feel uncomfortable? Uncertain? Anxious?

6. Non – Resolution of Past Relationships – Is this person is unable to evaluate why their own past relationships haven’t worked?  Do they blame the other party for all the relationship problems?

7. Abusive Behavior – This could range from the obvious deal breaker of physical abuse to mild or covert verbal, emotional, or psychological abuse. Is any of this happening in your relationship?

It’s time to become a relationship expert starting with the relationship you have with yourself. Then move into your intimate relationships armed with self-awareness and eyes wide open to the signs of a healthy relationship and one that is not meant for you.

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