R2T:155 Self Esteem Boosting Behaviors

The term self-esteem is something we have all heard about at one time or another, maybe even starting in childhood. But, do you really even know what it means?

Self-esteem is often confused with self-confidence. However, they are actually two different things. Self-confidence is feeling good about your ABILITY to DO something whereas self-esteem is about your ability to BE something. More specifically, it’s about you feeling good and happy about you being….well, YOU!

How do we get this feeling of love and appreciation for ourselves? In the perfectionist culture that we live in, that may be easier said than done. We are all inundated with messages about how we are not good enough and not worthy until we have earned a fat paycheck, have a perfect body, flawless face or if we can make our partner happy ALL the time. The message really is that you have worth because of what you have or what you have attained, not necessarily on who you are.

It doesn’t have to be this way! So, let’s turn it around and take our power back. Start with taking a self-esteem inventory listing all the things you perceive as strengths and opportunities for improvement (see how that feels better already?) Then, set realistic expectations for yourself starting with letting go of perfection.

Finally, REALLY get to know yourself and what you really want your life to be about. Write it out. Get clear on where you want to direct your own life, what you value in your life and get rid of things that are not serving your purpose.

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