R2T:153 Winners Sometimes Quit

Ever stayed in a situation loooong after the expiration date? You are not alone. Whether it was a relationship, a job or a project that just wasn’t working, we have ALL done this at one time or another.

So, why do we do we continue to dig a deeper hole when it’s clear that it just ISN’T working?

A lot of this is part of our culture that quitting is for people who couldn’t hack it or for losers that couldn’t hang in there. It also comes down to the sunken costs of time effort and energy only to simply scrap it and walk away with nothing to “show” for it. But is that really true?

Say that you have spent a lot of money and time in redecorating your living room only to hate it? Do you suck it up and live in it even though the shade of green you have painted your walls now actually turns your stomach? Do you continue living in it because you have paid the painter, paid for the paint and it took two weeks to finish? Or do you chalk it up to learning and the realization that you actually hate the color green and change it?

Once you have realized that the results you were going for are simply not succeeding whether it’s in something as simple as the color you have chosen for your walls or as complicated as the person you have chosen to be your life partner, the costs of NOT moving on can be far greater in terms of unhappiness and missed opportunities. When you start to see what you can gain, rather than what you could be losing in changing the situation, only then can you cut our losses and move on.

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