R2T:165 5 Ways to “Get Zen” at Work

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Want to learn how to stay mindful and increase your job effectiveness? Authentically take care of your mind and your body? It starts with Mindfulness. We know, We know that’s the big buzzword for today. It’s everywhere…in schools, the workplace, on food labels even….just like the “the life-changing benefits” of kale was everywhere last year. But here’s the deal…it’s true and it’s benefits are real.

In fact, the American Psychological Association cites that the benefits of mindfulness are tangible and proven. In fact, it can diminish pain, reduce inflammation, help digestion, lower your blood pressure and release the “happy” chemicals in your brain such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins…all the chemicals linked to a good mood. Mindfulness can also “tame the brain’s” tougher emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression.

“How does Mindfulness help when I have soooo much to do?” you may be asking. Really, there is so much confusion in our culture that makes many people think that the more anxious, uptight and busy you are, the more productive and effective you are… and this simply isn’t so. On top of that, we have mobile devices that follow us everywhere bombarding us with messages, things to do, people to respond to and on and on adding to our frenetic, stressed out mind. And when you are in “frenetic, stressed-out mind” how productive can you really be?

So, what now?? How do we stay productive and effective in today’s world without “losing our mindfulness?” How to we stay alert and relaxed at the same time?

Come with us TODAY and learn how to keep calm and be more productive than ever before in “5 Ways to Get Zen in the Workplace”

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