R2T:170 What Is Love

Love is defined as “an intense feeling of deep affection.” But what is that affection really made out of? Chemistry? Attraction? Sexuality? And if love is what makes the world go around, then why does it seem so mysterious and hard to find? Then once you do find it, how do you make it last? Let us break it down for you…

According to Sternberg’s Love Theory, there are three components of love. They are intimacy, passion and commitment. Intimacy is about feeling close and connected. Passion is the fiery and intense feeling when you really want to be with someone. It is the drive or romantic attraction and sexual attraction. Finally commitment comes into play when the two come together and the decision is made to be with this person long term.

If any of the 3 components is missing or is lacking, says Sternberg, then the relationship can be drastically compromised. He goes on to say that in any relationship, however, the three components will shift through time and need to be refreshed and re-identified to keep the relationship strong.

Knowing about and keeping the focus on the pieces that make up complete love or whole-hearted love will help your relationship weather time and the challenges that life can sometimes bring.

Come with us TODAY as we celebrate Valentine’s Day and toast to love around the world!


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