R2T:180 Breaking Free From Jealousy

Jealousy. It’s that green-eyed monster that has risen up in all of us at some point in our lives. Why do we feel it? What does it really mean? How can we stop feeling it?

Basically, jealousy is a feeling that is driven by anger and our own insecurities. Maybe it’s that someone has something that we believe is rightfully ours, or it could be that someone has taken love away from us, or possibly it’s that someone is mirroring to us what we wish we were accomplishing in our own lives.

Learning how to reframe what jealousy is and why you are feeling it can actually be an opportunity in disguise. Catch yourself in your jealous thought and start pulling back the layers. First, there is the jealous thought, then there’s the emotion about that thought. Dig deep and discover what your personal truth really is and how you can turn it around.

Believe it or not, jealousy can be the kick in the butt that you really need to get going. Ask yourself “Why am I feeling this?” “What is this person doing in their lives what I wish I were doing?” “How can I use this as fuel for me to get going in this particular area?”

Use that jealous energy for good and apply it to better behavior in your relationships and choose to do something differently on purpose. Watch how your relationships get stronger!

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