R2T:183 The Glory Of Your Dream vs Achieving Your Dream

Many people want the glory of achieving. I’ll win an Oscar, I’ll set a world record, I’ll make a million dollars, I’ll write a best seller, I’ll become a celebrity coach, my business will be featured in Forbes…..you get the idea. These are steller goals. Keep them. But, if you don’t love the actions necessary in order to reach your goals, you may be only dreaming.

If you are listening to this podcast you are an achiever, you are already successful, and you may also have a challenge with consistent action in one area, or following a plan. Especially when things get stale, old, boring. It doesn’t mean you no longer want to achieve the goal, you just lose interest in how to achieve it.

If you can learn to fall in love with the actions needed to achieve your goal, you will have a better time staying motivated and feel the glory of reaching your goal.

“Top performers still find a way to show up, to work through the boredom, and to embrace the daily practice that is required to achieve their goals”.

Join us in today’s episode and learn ways to fall in love with the process of reaching your goals!

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Always, Live, Love & Hustle