R2T:177 Upgrade Your Focus

“Every leader needs to cultivate this triad of awareness, in abundance and in the proper balance, because a failure to focus inward leaves you rudderless, a failure to focus on others renders you clueless, and a failure to focus outward may leave you blindsided”- Daniel Goleman


We talk a lot about focus and distraction, meditation and learning how important it is to be present. This is what’s most commonly thought of when we talk about ‘focus’. Research shows that we actually focus in different ways, and in today’s show we will focus on 3 broad areas; focusing on yourself, on others and on the wider world.

Join us for an in depth look at these areas and find out how you measure up!

Resource; The Focused Leader by Daniel Goleman

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Always, Live, Love & Hustle