R2T:79 Michael Nitti- Master Your Life & Relationships

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Are you living your relationship or is your relationship living you? We are excited to have Michael Nitti, Spiritual Teacher and Relationship Expert back on our show! Join us and go deep in understanding how you can observe yourself living “in reaction” to how you feel about how your parter is being, then override your […]

R2T:53 How Do You know If Your Friend Has Your Back?

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Friday Night Follies Ever wondered who your friends really were?  Ever wanted to know who exactly has your back and who doesn’t?  We did too!  In this funny and interpersonal podcast we dive deeper into friendship to try to figure out “Who’s got your back?” For Tonight; Be Real, Go Raw & Be Truthful To Yourself & To […]

R2T:36 Orgasmic Meditation, The OneTaste of OM

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Orgasmic Meditation What if there were a practice that for 15 minutes, the only job of the man is to allow the woman to feel his presence. A practice that allows a man to open up his feelings and his emotional body letting the woman in…Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is such a practice. “A state in […]

R2T:31 Dan Jurek_Successful Marriages Part 2

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Does An Affair Mean It’s Over? Join us today for part 2 of Successful Marriages with Dan Jurek. Real Raw Truths interviews Dan Jurek, Marriage and Family Therapist at Pax Renewal Center. You will have a glimpse into a one on one session as Dan shares his process and insights on how couples can create and sustain a healthy […]