R2T:200 Are You In Control Of Your Emotions Or Are Your Emotions In Control Of You

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Going strong with 200 episodes!!!!! Thank you all for being a part of our 2 year journey of creating awareness and helping hundreds of people everyday become even more empowered! For our 200th episode we will dive in to emotions and how to become emotionally fit! Cheers to more amazing laughter, results and inspiration! For […]

R2T:155 Self Esteem Boosting Behaviors

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The term self-esteem is something we have all heard about at one time or another, maybe even starting in childhood. But, do you really even know what it means? Self-esteem is often confused with self-confidence. However, they are actually two different things. Self-confidence is feeling good about your ABILITY to DO something whereas self-esteem is […]

R2T:139 Relating & Validating

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Validation. What does that really mean anyway? Is it acknowledgement? Or approval? Or maybe it’s about agreeing with someone? Actually, it is really about acceptance and allowing someone else to be who they are, have their own opinions, their own feelings and to support them even when you have a differing opinion. It’s a foundational […]