R2T:183 The Glory Of Your Dream vs Achieving Your Dream

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Many people want the glory of achieving. I’ll win an Oscar, I’ll set a world record, I’ll make a million dollars, I’ll write a best seller, I’ll become a celebrity coach, my business will be featured in Forbes…..you get the idea. These are steller goals. Keep them. But, if you don’t love the actions necessary in order […]

R2T:46 Taking Control Of Your Finances

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Interview With Financial Expert Katie Pemble Join Real Raw Truths in our first expert financial interview. Start out 2016 getting comfortable with your finances and putting together your financial plan. Expert Katie Pemble Katie Pemble is a veteran banker in Florida. She has enjoyed a 30 career, working with Bank of America for 17 years […]

R2T:44 Goal Sticking

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Achieve We all create and set goals for ourselves. What makes the difference in goals we accomplish and those that just don’t “stick?” Well, there are a few possible reasons for this…procrastination, fear, lack of commitment or even goals that are no longer relevant just to name a few. Join us and learn how to […]