R2T:116 When I was Stressed Out & Eating

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Craving Comfort Food One of the most common human emotions we all share and can relate to is stress.  Whether we feel it hourly, daily, weekly or monthly we can all understand this emotion and the effect it has on us and those around us.  But what if your stress levels directly effect and influence your eating?  What happens if you eat […]

R2T:113 August Previews & Outtakes

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We put together a preview into what’s in store for you this August.Listen in and enjoy our show previews, outtakes & behind the scenes fun! This month’s topics include: *Reset your personal & business fundamentals *Text offenders! – Hot Topic! *Eating & Stress, Stress & Eating. *Resourcing Your Resourcefulness Thank You for your continued support, […]

R2T:107 When I Stress Out

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Physical Consequences From Stress Okay, so who hasn’t had a time of stress?  Stress is an emotion we can all relate to, yet, we may not really understand specifically what stress does physically to your actual physiology. Join us on this podcast to really get the real, raw truth behind the specifics of stress and how to actually relieve it.  You […]

R2T:89 Exercise Bulimia

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Compulsion Can you really have too much of a good thing? Absolutely!! All things in moderation, even exercise.  In this expert podcast we dive deep into the exploration of exercise bulimia. With facets of obsession, compulsion and emotion management knowing about exercise bulimia will enable you to look at your own exercise habits and the habits of those around with a […]

R2T:62 Corporate Wellness- Firming Up Your Assets

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Corporate Wellness Employers and cutting edge businesses are FINALLY getting it! If you want to have a happy, healthy and thriving business, you need to invest in the things that will bring that level of well-being to your employees. It is way more than just pushing employees to make lifestyle changes or starting up a […]