R2T:112 Hot Topic Birthing

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What No One Talks About Many women have done it but not as many women may know the real, raw truth about it. In this podcast we talk candidly about our experiences in birthing and what we know and didn’t know.  A great podcast to not only listen to but to share with those around you to spark conversation. For […]

R2T:107 When I Stress Out

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Physical Consequences From Stress Okay, so who hasn’t had a time of stress?  Stress is an emotion we can all relate to, yet, we may not really understand specifically what stress does physically to your actual physiology. Join us on this podcast to really get the real, raw truth behind the specifics of stress and how to actually relieve it.  You […]

R2T:89 Exercise Bulimia

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Compulsion Can you really have too much of a good thing? Absolutely!! All things in moderation, even exercise.  In this expert podcast we dive deep into the exploration of exercise bulimia. With facets of obsession, compulsion and emotion management knowing about exercise bulimia will enable you to look at your own exercise habits and the habits of those around with a […]