R2T:62 Corporate Wellness- Firming Up Your Assets

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Corporate Wellness Employers and cutting edge businesses are FINALLY getting it! If you want to have a happy, healthy and thriving business, you need to invest in the things that will bring that level of well-being to your employees. It is way more than just pushing employees to make lifestyle changes or starting up a […]

R2T:43 The Secret Formula To Success

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The Power Of Rituals Creating and maintaining empowering rituals in our lives is one of the ways to create a magic formula for success.  Rituals can provide a sense of security, alleviate anxiety, increase confidence, decrease grief or increase performance. In this informative podcast we talk specifically about how and why to develop rituals and […]

R2T:36 Orgasmic Meditation, The OneTaste of OM

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Orgasmic Meditation What if there were a practice that for 15 minutes, the only job of the man is to allow the woman to feel his presence. A practice that allows a man to open up his feelings and his emotional body letting the woman in…Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is such a practice. “A state in […]

R2T:1 Welcome to Real Raw Truths

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Welcome to The Bottom Line. You’ve been looking for The Truth, and Now you’ve found it. This is where Life gets Real.   This is the show where we talk about what others won’t. This is where we take you where others don’t. Unprecedented.   Energetic.   Inspiring.   Honest conversations that will Open your Mind and Un-clutter […]