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Welcome to The Bottom Line.

You’ve been looking for The Truth, and Now you’ve found it.

This is where Life gets Real.   This is the show where we talk about what others won’t.

This is where we take you where others don’t.

Unprecedented.   Energetic.   Inspiring.  

Honest conversations that will Open your Mind and Un-clutter your Heart.

This is a Show that keeps its Promise.  A show where Insights are born and where “boring” goes to die.  This is where “Fun” always comes to play.

These three highly sought after entrepreneurial coaches take “Playing full out” to a whole new level!

With decades of experience in topics ranging from psychology to fitness, business strategy to eating disorders, motherhood to marketing, and emotional trauma to teaching, these inspiring women are dedicated to transforming the lives of every single listener, including yours!

Real, Raw, Truths.  Not for Women Only.