R2T:14 Michael Nitti- Master Your Masculine & Feminine Energies

Part 2- Enhance Your Life

Welcome to episode 2 of 3 with Spiritual Teacher, Relationship Expert and Life Coach, Michael Nitti

Over 3 podcast episodes, Michael will be sharing how to shift from living in reaction to living on purpose and in intention, how to (re)capture true passion in your relationships, and how to own both your masculine and feminine energies to enhance your life,

Michael has been coaching the distinctions of masculine-feminine energies since first being introduced to this subject during a course with Ron Smotherman in the early 1980’s.  Having also done masculine-feminine course work with both David Deida and Tony Robbins, Michael continues to marry all that has learned from others with all that he has discovered while coaching not only thousands of individual clients, but having worked with countless couples over the last 20 years.

To order Michael’s Bestselling Book, The Trophy Effect, please click here

We are thrilled to have Michael share with you!


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