R2T:32 Talking With The Turkeys

Creating Magical Moments

Trying to get through a holiday meal gathering while feeling successful can be challenging.  In this podcast episode we walk through specific ways you can create a magical, memorable meal.

A Few Tips:

1. Recreate your rules. What must happen for you to have a great Thanksgiving? Make sure you are setting yourself up to have a great Holiday!

2. Set your intentions first thing in the morning before the day begins with hustle. Take time for yourself first.

3. Change your expectations and remember things may not go the way you want. Stay focused on having a great day and creating magic moments with your family.

4. Forecast and be Pro-Active. Don’t wait until the last minute- make a list of everything you must accomplish and schedule when you are going to do it. Stick to your schedule. Delegate and make the prep work a family affair!

**Join us on Thanksgiving this Thursday for a laugh to start your day. The girls and I have some fun with a hot topic that will be sure to start your Holiday out with smiles!

Share your comments with helpful tips you have to creating a magical Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving Week from Real Raw Truths!