R2T:69 Sandra Yancey_ CEO eWomenNetwork


In this up and close and personal interview, Sandra Yancey, Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, shares her insight and wisdom into what it takes to achieve, succeed and prosper!

Sandra has built a multi million dollar global enterprise crossing  6 countries, is the author of 5 best selling books, and is a leader and mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs.

Sandra shares with us her beliefs on entrepreneurship and where it’s headed in the future, specifically for women, her passion for networking, and the power women have collaborating and working together.

Learn from Sandra the 5 Fundamentals you must be living in order to grow, succeed and thrive in business!

“You’ve got to really focus on the things that are important and let go of the distractions.” -Sandra Yancey

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eWomenNetwork  is widely recognized as the Premier Women’s Business Network in North America. With  a dynamic and diversified culture that celebrates the brilliance of women entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals.

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