R2T:83 Embracing Confrontation

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Just that word alone can strike fear into the hearts of many. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It really depends on the meaning you are giving it. If confrontation means an ugly conversation where the result is that everyone is upset and hurt, then yes, that would be a cause for alarm. However, if confrontation means voicing a disagreement or conflict with the purpose of a resolution, then by all means, yes please! 

So, here’s the deal…letting a problem fester hoping it will go away or resolve itself does not work and could lead to a “blow up”. Or, if you are tying the undesired behavior to a thought like “Oh, they are doing that because they do not care about me” Or conversely “They are NOT doing that because they do not care about me” could lead to an emotional reaction that may cause an ugly situation. The way out here is to approach the situation authentically and from a proactive state.
Join us and find out what you need in order to take the fear out and create a positive outcome. 
For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others