R2T:79 Michael Nitti- Master Your Life & Relationships

Are you living your relationship or is your relationship living you?

We are excited to have Michael Nitti, Spiritual Teacher and Relationship Expert back on our show!

Join us and go deep in understanding how you can observe yourself living “in reaction” to how you feel about how your parter is being, then override your reaction by showing up “intentionally” instead!

Walk away with mastering the distinction between Reaction and Intention in order to live your life by choice and create the relationship of your dreams!

One of the coaching strategies Michael will be teaching you is a powerful visualization process knows as ‘The Trophy Effect’. Which was published as a book in 2009.

The Trophy Effect is an innate, subconscious force that causes human beings to focus on their shortcomings, rather than on their accomplishments. As a result, we are inclined to feel more doubtful than hopeful and are more likely to give up on things rather than stay the course. Moreover, because The Trophy Effect is tied directly to our survival instinct (our “reactionary mind”), it is so well concealed that we do not even know that it is occurring. Therefore, we are not aware that The Trophy Effect is something over which we can exercise full control by simply learning how to do so!

To learn more about Michael, please go to his website

Purchase ‘The Trophy Effect’ on Amazon – Paperback and Kindle edition available.

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For Today; Be Real, Go Raw, & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others