R2T:84 The Awake, Conscious, Evolved Man


Just as women feel the high standard to be a size 36-26-36, and play each of her daily roles (executive, wife, friend, daughter, mother..) while holding a big white smile, is the “evolved man” the (new) high standard men must meet today?

It’s no longer enough for the man to ‘provide’ in one way, he must now be emotionally present at all times, be a “tantric sex master” and a great parent.

Do you think men got the memo that their standard has evolved, is evolving? I don’t believe all men got the memo.

What pressure does this put on men today?
What pressure does this put on women today?

Join us in this lighthearted, real and raw episode dedicated to the men to let them know we (women) know it’s confusing and we share  insights from our perspective.

For all the women out there, we want to bring awareness to the confusion men are facing today.
How are we showing up in their evolution?
What can we do to help them evolve?
Woman have had to evolve out of necessity.

Today more than ever, women seem to be searching for their evolved, conscious, aware, awake, masculine man. Jokingly we ask, where does one find such a man, aisle 2 at the Chopra Center?

Who came up with the definition of an evolved man?
Is it possible that this definition may be emasculating and against men’s innate masculinity?
The truth is there may be many definitions – which one are men being told to most be like and live up to? Who are their role models? 

Let’s take a look at what it means for both sexes and how this may be showing up for you in your relationship or as you search for your ‘ideal’ mate?

Men, you have our permission to show us YOU. We want to see you. Every piece of you.

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For Today; Be Real, Go Raw, & Be Truthful To Yourself & To Others