R2T:159 Real Raw Truths Welcomes 2017

Welcome to our official 2017 kickoff and relaunch!

We are refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to bring you the best of our best so buckle up and let’s go!

A quick intro into our evolution, what’s new, and what you can expect!

It all started in the Fall of 2015 when we launched our first shows with great anticipation that they would bring value to the world and the hope that maybe, just maybe, some lives would be positively changed. Back then, we had no idea how many hearts, minds and lives we would help transform and the number of loyal fans we would create world-wide.

By the overwhelming and positive response, we saw very early on that we were onto something pretty amazing! We developed relationships with our listeners who engaged with us and shared how their lives had transformed from listening to our show. That 1 strategy helped their business, that 1 insight helped renew their relationship, and that 1 challenging question helped them breakthrough and reclaim who they are!

Our listeners have learned from us and connected with us on so many levels. And our numbers grew. 
Since then, we have targeted our focus, widened our reach and made an even deeper commitment to the quality of content we would bring to you. This is why we are taking time out today to celebrate and welcome you to our relaunch party! Woot-Woot!
First, here’s what’s NOT going to change…
We are a powerful community,  your resource for strategies, skills, connection, encouragement and inspiration! We are here to help lead you to where you want to be in your life personally and professionally. Erica and Janie are here in every way they can be to connect and share with you all of their best practices and years of experience in coaching, consulting training and teaching. 
And here is what’s NEW, different and better than ever before…
Janie is “bringing it” as she puts her focus and expertise on revitalizing and strengthening your relationships, reenergizing and improving your health and wellness and redefining and aligning your thoughts, emotions and daily actions to match the positive changes you want in your life. 

Erica is laser focused on helping you get clear on what you really want and creating the ultimate mindset to thrive in anything you do. Discover your inner drive, your passion, and your purpose. Identify and take the best actions in order to live life on your terms!

Together, our goal is to help you uncover what’s holding you back in ALL areas of your life. Janie and Erica promise to bring topics designed to make you think differently, go outside of the box, and will dig deep in sharing with you the specific actions you will need to take in order to breakthrough and fully thrive!

We want to start off today’s episode by saying THANK YOU for following us, listening in, and sharing our content with your friends, family and colleagues.Be sure to catch us every day this week for a brand new show, then continue to get your weekly dose every Tuesday and Thursday!It is with deep deepest gratitude and big love for all of our listeners that we deliver our very best to you.

Heres to 2017! Cheers! 

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Always Live, Love & Hustle