R2T:163 You Being You

Part 2

Be yourself. It’s everywhere. It’s in social media, food labels, even dating websites. What does being yourself really mean? How would you know if you were not being you or living an inauthentic life?

For most people, being yourself means living in the identity that most suits you. It means that you are living according to your values and beliefs and your actions reflect that. Basically, it just feels good to be you and you are living life on your terms.

So, how would you know if you were merely “doing you” and not really “being” you? How would you know if you are living an “inauthentic life?” One that was not really what you wanted, but one that everyone else wanted for you? Are there signs to look for?

For most people, it’s typically a slow seeping thing that sneaks up on you. You may feel it happening from time to time, but you dismiss it, rationalize it or stuff it down thinking you will deal with it another day. Or maybe you have tied all of your self-worth into one aspect of your life and have let the other areas of you fall to the wayside.

But then the day comes when the truth rears it’s head and deals with you whether that comes in the form of feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied or just plain feeling miserable.

So, how do you find your way out? The way out is getting back to what is true and real for you. It’s getting clear on what your values are and what your purpose in life is and staying committed to that purpose.

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