R2T:167 4 Ways To Make Love Last

Thinking that Prince Charming or Cinderella is going to come along, sweep you off your feet and the two of you will ride off into the sunset happily ever after? Ahhhh, if it were only that easy.

But is it really that difficult to keep love lasting? The fact that 60% of marriages end up in divorce would suggest that no, it’s not that easy.

The first thing to look at is what kind of expectations are you putting on your partner?
Are they responsible for ALL of your love and happiness?
Is there an empty part in you that you are expecting your partner to fill?

Loving yourself first and choosing to be happy with yourself first is the foundation of a lasting, healthy relationship. When both of you come to the relationship as full individuals who are practicing self-love and choosing to be happy, then the relationship can grow to a much higher level.

Keeping your own interests and your own individuality is also important in creating a strong, lasting relationship. Maintaining a healthy balance of pursuing your own goals and interests as well as having common goals with your partner makes for a healthy relationship dynamic. “Losing” yourself in the relationship and putting the expectation on your partner to be your “everything” is not fair to either of you.

Finally, fall in love when you are ready and when you are whole. Seek to build a relationship when you are ready not when you are lonely. Creating the relationship for the “right” reasons will insure that you are on the path to lasting love.

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