R2T:175 Announcement: “You Are Normal”

YOU ARE ALL NORMAL. That’s right. You are.

The challenge is you don’t believe you are.
Many of us feel that our problems are unique.That we must be the only ones who feel alone, frustrated, scared, unworthy, not good enough, helpless…. And on and on….

Now take a breath, let it go that you are scared, everyone else is too, we all feel like we are imposters, we are all afraid that we will be found out.

So here is a large mass announcement; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We all are afraid we will not be good enough, and that we will not be loved. You are totally normal. More than normal.

I dare you to be different, to not think about these things.

NOW- go out and kick some ass!

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Always, Live, Love & Hustle