R2T:187 Tips To A Thriving 2nd Quarter

1st quarter reflection *

Many of my clients reached their 1st quarter goals and in the process also discovered it was not reaching their goals that they were most proud of, but for the first time they were consistent and that they followed through on a plan.
What were your goals?
Did you reach them?
What did you learn?
What challenges came up?
What can you anticipate moving forward?

What did you find yourself struggling to do each day that you knew you needed to?
Conversations/ communications?
Follow through?
What did you hesitate on?

Pick your top 2 areas of your mental game that you want to take the next level this quarter.
Think about being able to delagte and not feel the need to control every thing?
Or maybe it’s about training your employees and letting them fail in order to learn?
Or maybe it’s being able to let go of being able to make decisions more effectively?

Where ever you are in your business, are you being most productive and are you aware of how you are growing or hindering your business.

Now that I’ve opened up a lot of curious minds, take some time to answer these questions and consider what might be different if you stepped into, or out of your business. There may be more to your own fears hindering your business that you believe may be you don’t have the right staff, the right product, or it’s the market to blame.

Always look at YOU first.

For Today; Be Real, Go Raw & Always, Live, Love & Hustle