R2T:188 Be More With Less

Adapting A Minimalist Lifestyle *
You know that feeling after you have cleaned out a cluttered closet and created an organized space and it just feels sooo good? How can we get that feeling in our day to day living?

Read on and find out what that really means…

So, where does all of this accumulating of stuff start anyway? Well, it really starts with beliefs we pick up along the way that owning more will make us happy. Maybe it’s about owning a new car, a fancy boat or a house on the water. Whatever the “thing” is that we think we need in our lives to create happiness is really because of the emotion we think it will give us and there is nothing wrong with that.

The minimalist lifestyle takes a different approach. The idea is that by owning less your mind and energy is freed to focus on other things in your life that you may value more than the “stuff” you once thought you needed in order to be happy. This new trend in thinking is catching on quite quickly and is the focus of the Netflix film “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.”

Want to know how to incorporate the minimalist lifestyle into your own life? Come with us TODAY for “Be More With Less” and find out!

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