R2T:194 How to Overcome Overthinking

Thinking can solve problems for sure, but it can also create problems.
How can that be, you ask?

It all starts when thinking through little obstacles in your life and analyzing them over and over make them much bigger and scarier than they really are. This all leads to a feeling of being “stuck.” In the same way, overthinking can take the positive things in your life and suck the joy right out of them.

Thinking things through is a good thing, of course. But, being an over thinker can result in you standing still in your own life and hold you back in ways that is no fun at all.

So, where’s the way out?

Start with putting things in a wider perspective. In other words, get out of the weeds and see the big picture of the situation. Will it really matter in 5 years? 5 weeks? 5 minutes? Widen your focus and decide to put your energy into the things that really are part of your life’s bigger picture.

Next, learn to be an effective and timely decision maker. Ruminating over a decision or seeking the “perfect” decision can cause a looping of the mind that may last for a very long time. This creates inaction or a feeling of helplessness which then may lead to a drop in your self-esteem making it hard to make decisions. Now you are really stuck!

Turn your inaction into action by taking small steps toward your decision every day. This will create the momentum you need to pull you out of procrastination and moving on with your life.

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