R2T:196 5 Ways To Refresh Your Body & Mind

Spring is a time for renewal and refresh. It is that time of year when we think of possibility, potential and creation. We are programmed through our own evolution to sense this awakening. So, then how can we take this time and reap these benefits in our minds, bodies and spirit?

First, let’s begin with pure and simple movement. In other words, it’s time to get out there and move your body. Animals do it after winter hibernation and you should do it too! Start at a simple level and integrate at least 15 minutes of movement into each day. Watch how this will make your energy rise!

Next, it’s time to bring in some lightness of being, some fun and some freshness. Every day find ways to laugh, play and have fun! Start by taking all the clutter out of your life by removing anything dull, tired and not good for you from your home. Replace it with natural whole foods, fresh flowers and by bringing in more sunlight.

Finally, consider a whole-system detox. Begin with getting good sleep and reducing acidic and inflammation causing foods such as coffee, alcohol, tobacco and sugar. Instead bring in more alkaline foods such as leafy greens, whole grains and plenty of water. Find ways to reduce stress in your life through practicing yoga and meditation. Stay out of situations that trigger toxic emotions such as anger and anxiety.

Spring can be a time of renewal and a new beginning. Want to know more ways to “Spring Clean” inside and out? Then come with us TODAY for “5 Ways to Refresh Mind, Body and Spirit”

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