R2T:199 The Beauty of Healthy Boundaries

Setting and maintaining personal boundaries are crucial to any healthy relationship. Good boundaries create emotional health and are created by people with good emotional health as well as having high levels of self-esteem.

Basically, boundaries are about you taking responsibility for your own actions and emotions and NOT taking responsibility for other people’s actions and emotions. In essence, boundaries are about where you begin and end and where the other person begins and ends. They are what allow you to connect with others while at the same time protecting you and taking care of your wellbeing within the relationship.

How would you know if you have healthy boundaries within your relationship or not? Take a look at the following questions…

  1. Do you ever feel like other people take advantage of you for their own gain?
  2. Do you take on other people’s problems in an effort to “save” or “fix” them?
  3. Do you and your partner fight pointlessly for hours on end?
  4. Do you find yourself defending yourself against things you KNOW are not your fault?
  5. Are your relationships either amazing or awful with no in between?

    If you answered “yes” to even a few of these questions, then you may be struggling with setting healthy boundaries in your relationships. It may be that you grew up in a family where having a healthy sense of personal boundaries was not modeled for you.

    Is it too late to learn? Absolutely not! Come with us TODAY and get this key relationship skill in “The Beauty of Healthy Boundaries”

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