R2T:192 Top Tips for a Kick-Ass Life

Some things never change, including the timeless words of wisdom from philosophy greats like Mark Twain. What makes his tips for life so timeless?

Read on and find out…

Kick-Ass Life Tip #1: Approve of yourself! Think about it…have you ever gone around trying to get others to approve of your behavior and actions? How did that make you feel? Powerless, right?! On the other hand, when you approve of yourself then you tend to relax and gain the inner freedom from seeking approval from others. Think of where you could put all that energy to good use in what you really want!

Kick-Ass Life Tip #2: Get rid of any limiting thoughts and beliefs you have in your mind of why you can’t have what you want in life! Maybe you think that people will disapprove of you because you are too tall, too short, too fat or too thin. But, is any of that really true? Does any of it really matter in the big scheme of things? How would your life be if you removed these roadblocks from your mind?

Kick-Ass Life Tip #3: Get clear on what you want and keep your mind focused on it! You can focus on your problems and clutter up your mind with a victim mentality or you can learn from your situation and use that gift to move you forward and achieve what you want in your life.

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