Erica Nitti Becker

Meet Erica

I believe that every one of us has a special calling and it’s not only our purpose in life but our duty to find what we are called to be. When I was 13, I was fortunate to have found mine. Although I didn’t understand it at that time, my life was changed forever the moment the car in which I was riding was involved in a terrible wreck. Upon awakening from my coma and in the aftermath of my “near death” experience, my thoughts, my ideas, and my beliefs – all changed. In fact, the only thing that remained the same was my physical body – my outer shell, as everything on the inside was very different.

From that moment forward, I have been instilled with an unstoppable will to accomplish and experience everything life has to offer. I was left with an unstoppable mindset that anything is possible, a thirst to thrive and to experience everything I could.

From the quest to be challenged physically by way of extreme adventure racing to becoming an entrepreneur, a model, and a fitness competitor, all by age 19. Soon after, I found my passion for sales and marketing, which I was able to express by traveling all over the world, in support of helping thousands of people transform their lives and their businesses. I immersed myself in leadership trainings, personal development courses, and peak performance seminars. These experiences have not only shaped my life, they have become my life’s work – which is centered around winning strategies, inspirational stories, and my passion to help others achieve their dreams!

My ultimate purpose is to shine my light in service to you – as a source of insight and inspiration – so as to enable you to feel totally fulfilled and empowered to achieve success in every area of your life!

My life has been a journey of growth and self-realization, and my mission is to never stop dreaming, believing and achieving. I am dedicated to sharing all that I have learned and continue to learn, so as to inspire everyone I meet to want to be more and do more for themselves and others!

Professional BIO
Erica is a certified life & business Coach. Her approach to life and business is about turning obstacles into opportunities and living by choice. All the while living a life of success, Erica found herself living in reaction to stress and anxiety, fearful she would ever feel the true sense of fulfillment. These feelings became the lessons which allowed her to break free in order to create a life on purpose.

Erica currently coaches & consults entrepreneurs, best selling authors, speakers, professional athletes, Fortune 500 companies & countless executives to achieve personal and professional success, on their terms. Erica also hosts a weekly podcast on iTunes, is an active expert guest blogger, and is featured as an expert coach in the media.

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